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Biggest retard ever but you will learn to love him...eventually. He enjoys watching show such as "Brothers&Sisters" and has a soft and sensitive side that he usually only shows to girls that he goes out with. Most girls like him because he is funny, sweet and cute. He also always seems to smell good. He can be a great boyfriend when he tries to be. Mostly he is an asstard but once you get inside his heart he softens up and cozys up to u. Terribly afraid of caterpillars and loves dogs.
Girl 1: What is that guy doing running around with no shirt on?
Girl 2: Oh, he is Eric. He thought he had a caterpillar on his shoulder
Girl 3: Well i don't care what his reason is as long as he keeps running around shirtless...yum...
by whalleeeeeeee =D December 22, 2009

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