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1. When you go out for a few drinks and end up staying there until the bar closes because one of your friends convinces you to stick around. 2.To have the whole world in the palm of your hand and then piss it all away 3. Figure of speech. Incapable. Damned. Helpless 'up Creek without a paddle 4. To be violently attacked in the wilderness, up the creek with no paddle, to have sugar put in your gasoline, etc. 5. When you come into contact with a really annoying person. Usually someone with a high opinion of themself.
1. I can't believe it, last night I went out for a beer and just got completely Chucked.
2. man he really chucked that one
3. Being on 'a Gravy train with Biscuit Wheels', and falling off
Having your monthly record shattered by some punk
Not having the balls to tell your old folks you didn't have what it takes to make the big tour
4. "I hope he's not out in the woods by himself he might get chucked".
5. I just got chucked by this guy at the bar.
by wgh December 21, 2006

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