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"You got your girlfriend a birthday present? Fucking simp. If she were my girlfriend I would've given her air and told her to go make me a sandwich."

"which is why you don't get any bitches you fucking incel"
by wetfartinhumidweather January 14, 2023
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A character that loses (strength, writing, etc.) to the popular masterpiece of a main character Monkey D. Luffy. The best character in all of animanga history. Created by the one and only superman of our generation. The man that surpasses even Shakespeare. Fire comes out of his fingers every time he draws a manga panel. The sexiest man on Earth. Eichiiro Oda. Just typing his name gives me shivers.
Naruto is a luffy victim.

Ichigo is a luffy victim.

Any character that isn't luffy is a luffy victim.
by wetfartinhumidweather June 21, 2023
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