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Plural form of bizzo
1) (n) A girl. "My seven bizzos" -- 2 Live crew (My seven bizzos 1989).

2) (n) Someone who is bizarre.

3) YOU! Hoooooooo..
I like to be with her, and the other 7 bizzos.
by websterians November 25, 2009
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It’s kind of a boring and weird name. Todd’s are ordinary guys from firemen to engineers to constructions workers who try to get by with job, family, and love. Tend to be loyal, hard-working, and honest.
This is a recurring conversation you’ll have if you’re named Todd.
person: "Scott?"
todd: "No, Todd"
person: "OK Todd with two d’s?"
todd: "Yes"
by websterians February 06, 2010
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