2 definitions by wayuphighkitty

an interpretive dance performed by self-righteous douche bags at "hardcore" shows.
xASSHOLEx: "yeah, check out this two-step! i looove hardcore dancing! so brutal!"

on lookers: "that is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever seen in my life."
by wayuphighkitty April 30, 2009
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a philosophy to live a clean, responsible and sober lifestyle; a choice that many, many people consciously make, except being "straight-edge" is an excuse to put X's all over yourself as well as before and after everything you write, to use a label to make your choices look better than everyone else's and belong to a clique.
Dave: "what's the difference between you and XStevenX - that straight-edge guy?"

Me: "well, both of us choose to live a substance-free and responsible life, except XStevenX is self-righteous, insecure douche-bag who needs desperately wants to be a part of another cliche clique, a needs a pathetic label to advertise his "morals" as being above everyone else's."
by wayuphighkitty April 30, 2009
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