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Shrek a well known character from a children's animated movie series was secretly a raging homosexual hence the term "Homoshrexual" he is very handsome and rumor broke out that Shrek and his long time companion donkey had been caught in the swamp together. Shrek is an LGBT advocate and has probably won an Oscar. if you're gay and green and your ears are misshapen chances are you are a Homoshrexual.
Shrek, " where's me arse DONKEY "
Donkey, " you silly homoshrexual "
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by wastedtoast May 25, 2020

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A gold star lesbian is a lesbian who has never slept with a man and wouldn't intend to. Shane McCutcheon from the popular LGBT series from 2004-2009 had claimed to be a gold star lesbian. Gold star lesbians aren't made to shame lesbians or bisexual women for who've they slept with it is simply a term for those who have not and wouldn't intend on sleeping with men.
alice from the L word: I hear the wedding bells with you already
Cameron and shane from the L word: you're just jealous because we are two gold star lesbians who have found each other
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by wastedtoast May 23, 2020

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