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The northern side of Bakersfield, CA estimated 6 sq miles. Roughly East of Airport Drive, West of Manor Street, South of James Road, and North of Columbus.

Shopping is limited to a strip mall on Airport Drive, and a Vons shopping center on China Grade Loop.

School districts include Beardsley and Standard school districts, both of whom have sub-par, underpaid staff who actually care about elevating the intelligence of humanity - otherwise they'd go somewhere else.

Typical ethnicity make-up is about 90% white trash, 5% hispanic, & 5% other random minorities, most of whom work in the oilfields, hence the name "Oildale".

Oildale was once known for severe racism and violence towards minorities. Beardsley Street was the criminal heart of Oildale - drug dealers, arms traffickers, racist gangs such as the "Beardsley Street Krew" BSK and the "Nazi LowRidaz" NLR, and plenty of sex offenders to boot.

Due to increased Kern County Sheriff activity in Oildale, crime rates have dropped significantly, but is still considered the 2nd highest crime rate in all of Bakersfield, second only to the Cottonwood area on the East side of town. This is partially due to the fact that the cost of housing is roughly 60% of the median housing cost in Bakersfield - as such, many low income (criminally prone) individuals are forced to live in the community.

Usually, police can respond within a minute of an emergency call, and the fire department just under two minutes. EMS is just under four minutes away.

Generally speaking, if you can afford to live anywhere else (except Cottonwood), don't live here...

Consider yourself warned!

Nigga #1: Yo nigga, you fuckin crazy?!
Nigga #2: Why?
Nigga #1: We headin fo Oildale - nigga turn this shit round fo we get shot nigga!
Nigga #2: No shit!
by warpixel August 5, 2008
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