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In British slang a box means a Kilo of Cannabis.
It comes from where the grower packs the bulk product into a vacuum bag to eliminate odours and conserve space with slight compression, and then proceeds to pack the bag in the Box.
Person 1: "Sosa was moving Bare boxes of loud around the midlands ever since back in the day"
Person 2: "Dem crew is Peak, say Nuttin"
by wahmeseh June 14, 2017
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Prime grade (First sift) Moroccan cannabis resin that has the consistency of play dough at room temperature.

How the name was coined:

Cannabis is lightly sifted through fine silk screens, its finest dust is then collected.
This cannabis extract is then lightly heated and gentle pressure is applied by hand to form an oblong pellet like shape. This processed resin is finally wrapped tightly in polyurethane and heat sealed.
The end result is a pellet of sealed hashish.

Drug mules swallow 100-150 pellets each accompanied by oil to lubricate the throat and ease the process.
The hashish then passes through their stomach , small and large intestine where it sits and brews until it is time for the delivery of contraband.
Once at their destination, they poop out the resin pellets one by one.

Such pellets end up weighing around 9.5 grams each & can be identified by the strong odor of organic excrement that is emitted by the outer polyurethane wrap.

pellets should be thoroughly washed before further analysis.

Hence the term was born. Culero meaning Butt-Hash

A.K.A: Cream, Chocolate, Pollen eggs, Squidgy black. Primero
Person 1: "Have you tried the Culero they had on offer in Amsterdam coffeeshops?"
Person 2: "Indeed! All i can remember was the resin was so fine it had me up in cloud 9"
by wahmeseh June 14, 2017
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