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a highschool located in coquitlam. girls generally dress and look similar. the boys have a more diverse way to their dressing...which is barely at all...so that's saying something. the teachers are pretty much normal, though there is the occasional push over and/or devil of the school.
one thing gleneagle is memorable of is its COAST program. also its hair dressing class which is a favourite among the girls. gleneagles principal hates short skirts and stands around the smoke spit sometimes after school to prevent kids from smoking. the smoke pit is located above the stairs by the bus stop and across the street by the seven eleven. another good thing about glen would be its convenient location. across the street from sushi sev and starbucks. close to tim hortons and right by the coquitlam center.
i go to gleneagle secondary a normal highschool where the girls cause nonstop drama and the boys can generally be dicks.
by waddddddddd June 20, 2007
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