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A knock off of the original Ugg boots, "fuggs" or "fugglies" are worn by those of the lower class who can't afford to dish out an extra 100 on boots.
Anyone who owns Ugg boats can spot these knock off boots a mile away.
Sold anywhere from Wal-mart to American Eagle, these disgraceful boots are usually worn by unattractive red necks who think they look hot in them when really everyone is laughing when they walk by !
Beware: if you own a pair of "fuggs" your social life might as well be over with because no one wants to be friends with a girl who voluntarily walks with pride when she wears her "fuggs."
" gross, that girl over there is wearing fuggs"
" seriously, if you can't afford Uggs you don't deserve to be wearing fuggs"
by vmalss February 27, 2008
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