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The act of pulling out of a humans orifice, namely a young boy and "skeeting" on them hootin' & hollering & yelling "SCORE"! With a slap in his skeet and an "A-ta-BOY! You took it like a champ!"
"That monster Jerry Sandusky ruined a lot of young boys and men's lives with his twisted and perverted Sanduskeeting"


"You know, pulling the Jerry Sanduskeet on those kids"

"He sure did"

"well I think he's due for a position change"

"Whats that?"



"He will receive the Jerry Sanduskeet from his entire cell block AND guards too!!"
by vivic December 15, 2011

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What one replies to an Irish man or woman in response to something blatanly obvious
Irishmen "I'm a drunk"

Asian "No Shit Shamrock"
by vivic December 15, 2011

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