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A similar concept to being sonned except the victim ultimately is the person doing the "junning" because of overall humiliation due to the lack of reasoning in his/her arguments made against the other person.

It is senseless and stubborn rambling, resisiting to admit defeat in the conversation and rather willing to make him/herself look like a total dumbass continuing arguing with little or no coherence. For example;
Kevin Jun: Hey Anon, yo humans can fucking fly dude.
Anon: No they can't. are u dumb ? they dont have fucking wings man.
Kevin Jun: NO MAN, i didnt mean it like THAT. i meant it like humans can fly, but like in aircrafts and stuff, you know?
Anon: but you never mentioned that
Kevin Jun: um, well dude you know what i meant cus OBVIOUSLY humans cant fly. whatre you, dumb or something?
Anon: how was i supposed to know if u meant it with wings or not? u didnt fuckin specify.
Kevin Jun: Oh but other people would have known of what i was saying. you just dont get it.
(Here Anon got Junned but Kevin was the social loser)
by virginforlife November 08, 2010
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Acronym for, The Other Kind. Any individual that is opressed from normal society as an outcast. Any person not meeting to your standards of a regular human. AKA niggers, hairy ape shits, impure souls, cotton pickers, melon eaters, justin beiber, wiggers, tyrone biggems, big lipped mongrols, fags, flamers, homosexuals, butt pirates.
That tok just jacked my bike. That tok survived the Holocaust. Dude, did you hear of the tok that fucked himself in the ass and died of intestinal bleeding?
by virginforlife June 27, 2010
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