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you know youre a theatre kid when:
-you practically live at the theatre
-your most common excuse is you have rehearsal
-you know to find your light and stay there
-just because he dances, doesn't mean he likes men
-you like to frolick around, sing show tunes, and get very touchy-feely with others
-guys helping girls get dressed/undressed and vice versa isn't wierd
-your second nature is to hug everyone and cry without worrying what others think
-breaking legs is all in a days work
-one word: caffine
-getting home at midnight on a weeknight is normal
-sleep? who needs sleep?
-you carry around a tooth brush, sewing kit, and deoderant. just incase
-an 8 hour rehearsal i heaven
-...or hell
-you see your cast mates more than your family
-your cast mates become your family!
-no matter how tempting, you don't touch other people's props
-you don't get upstage and downstage confused
-you know where every fast food restaurant, dunkin donuts, and starbucks is within 10 minutes away
-you think singing is a sport because it works out your abs
-you don't get in the way of the running crew because you know you will be sorry
-you KNOW not to provoke your stage manager and director durring hell week
-techies rule the world
-you have felt up someone of the same gender but aren't gay
-eating in costume? are you crazy??
-you have "crazy" warm ups
-you have a preshow ritual. and it changes each show
-you know the correct spelling is "theatRE"
theatre kids pretty much rule the world <3
by vibratoxoxo October 10, 2010
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