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One direction are made up of 5 people:
Henry, Zack, Lee, Lewis and Neil.

They are all 100% straight,
They formed on nickelodeon and if you watched them on nick, well done, you've been there since the start,
Lee loves spoons,
Henry hates cats,
Lewis hates carrots,
Zack lacks self esteem,
Neil hates Lee and also hates potatoes,
they are all 100% serious,
Henry is canadian,
Lee is polish,
Zack is Mexican,
Lewis is ethiopian,
Neil is austrailian,
Neil is really ugly,
Lewis is also kinda ugly,
in fact the only one anyone likes is Henry,
Their full names are:
Henry Edmund Sile,
Lewis Waldo Thompson,
Lee John Pan,
Neil Jim Horse,
Zack Jam Milk,
We shout things like:
Hello, how are you?
Yes! Jane exclaimed,
And last of all
Their fans are called directionators
Girl 1: OMG did you see one direction on nick last night? I am a true directionator

Girl 2: Yeah I did OMG right? Directionators ftw!
by vashappenin1234567890 March 01, 2012
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