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1 definition by vamplv7

the baddest chick ever. Popular and knows her worth. Is better than everybody else. Has gone through hell but she still manages to pick herself back up and prove everybody wrong. Jadeyn Sherbert doesn't give a fuck about what people say about her. Most people she's ever met in her life hate her but is that her problem? No. 30 year old women talk crap about her, how many fu*ks does she give? 0. People think they know her, but they only know what she allows them to know.

Is drop dead gorgeous. Beautiful face, body and attitude. '

Had a heart but turned heartless after being hurt so many times. Is the female version of a "player".

Regardless, You're extremely lucky to have met Jadeyn Sherbert at any time in your life. You might as well be a millionaire if she even lets you be close with her. Hold onto Jadeyn elise Sherbert while you can because she might just ghost you at any second, leading you to realize what you lost.

"Hey Johnny, did you ever get over Jadeyn Sherbert? I know you got a new girlfriend but."
Johnny: "Yeah, but nobody compares to Jadeyn Sherbert. Not even my girlfriend stands close to her. People flex about walking past her on the street. So no I haven't."
by vamplv7 August 7, 2021
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