2 definitions by uwujk

(proper noun) Jeon Jungkook.
-also known as “bestest boi”
-most endearing man alive
-can never do no wrong
jungkookie bestest boy/boi. argue with your wall (acc pls don’t that would be a time waster just stay safe and wear your mask!) <333
by uwujk September 28, 2020
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being attracted to the one and only jeon jungkook. no seriously. only him.
plebeian: isn’t this guy cute?
jungkook stan: sorry, i’m kooksexual.
uncouth plebeian: what does that mean?
jungkook stan: jungkook bestest boi. jungkook is the only boi. uwu
by uwujk September 28, 2020
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