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A lie with which all the experts in the field agree. Basically, the studying of the past events from the beginning of time, for which there are few concrete proofs, up to yesterday, for which everyone has much evidence. Since written evidence started spreading with the typing machine( invented by Johannes Gutenberg), there were more papers and written stuff to explore and confirm/disprove one's thesis of how an event occurred. However, as it is evident in today's world, manipulating information is a human characteristic, a flaw that has always been within us, people. Therefore, no one can confirm how and what really happened at any moment in all of the history that us humans can study. Conclusion-we can all agree with the all the events we study that they happened, but not really know ALL the background, causes, and consequences of events.
Peter: 'Hey, have you heard that Hitler was missing one ball?'
Steve: 'I have but to prove it, you either found Hitler's photo of his dick, perhaps in a history book, or your grandma told you she gave him a blowjob. Or do you have other firm proofs for your statement?'
Peter: *runs to ask his grandmother to tell him again that bedtime story
by uueebbll April 06, 2016

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