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Un pueblo bicicletero, en el Estado de Michocan, donde hay mucha gente naca. Hay muchos nacos con botas picudas que se creen muy chingones en sus trocas dando muchas vueltas en la plaza. Tambien hay muchas chicas creidas...
"Iralo vale, vamonos a Puruandiro a dar la vuelta!"
by usmc2012 November 02, 2011

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a) A bunch of lazy idiots that simply want handouts.

b)People too dam irresponsible for their own life failures that look to point their fingers at anyone or anything other than themselves.

c)A bunch of socialist turds that want to take a piece of someone else's pie because they believe they're 'entitled' to it.

d) A bunch of lazy hooligans on Wall Street.

e) A bunch of lazy bastards on the streets of New York City inspired by Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden.............
"Dude, let's smoke this joint and then Occupy Wall Street!"

Person 1: "What's new man?!"

Person 2: "Shit- I just got my girl pregnant. I got kicked out of college. I lost my job and credit card companies are after me...I think I'm gonna Occupy Wall Street."
by usmc2012 November 02, 2011

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