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1. A bad excuse for an ipod and not good enough to be a phone. So they settled on calling it an iphone. Apple thinks it's cute to add 'i' infront of all their products. For no apparent reason the iphone is not sold in Apple, but is sold in only AT&T while the ipod touch is sold is found everywhere!
2. It is pretty much the same as an ipod touch with the same interface and applications, but it can call and has a camera.
3. A retard ipod touch that fell in the hands of evolution.
1. Customer: Is this the Apple store?
Representative: Yes it is. How can i help you?
Customer: Can you show me the iphones please?
Representative: I'm sorry sir we dont sell them. You have to go to AT&T and you don't have to be a customer.
Customer: What the f***? You make the iphones!!

*goes to AT&T*

Customer: Can i have an iphone?
AT&T asshole: First you have to get a line then you have to select a plan, but you have to pay in advance, then you sign a 5 year contract and THEN you can select the phone of your choice then you're screwed.

2. Friend1: Hey, I just got an ipod touch!
Friend2: Cool I have an iphone, can your ipod touch call?
Friend1:No... *starts to look sad*
Friend2: Can you take a picture of me with it?
Friend1: Don't judge me!! *runs away crying*

3. maleiphone: Hey honey! im back from the business trip. How's our baby?
femaleiphone: He can't call and he has no loudspeaker!
maleiphone: Well I have to ask. Were you lonely when I was gone?
femaleiphone: No it's not what you think! I swear I never talked to, or even looked at, an ipod touch when you were gone!
maleiphone: It must be from your side of the family!
by urbanamr December 07, 2008

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