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crazy, wierd as a bitch on crack like boom dada

you walking down the street you see some crazy motha fucka trying to crwal up the wall like spiderman. the dumbshit falls and your first coment should be "nigga that shit was walla stat

sssssuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk iiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!!!!
by ur moms hairy nipple February 20, 2005
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a sequal to the #1 hit xbox game halo. where its good to play together but sometimes not.
everyone know that m3ta1core is the sickest jive ass motherfucker around. along with his trusty back pocket jive ass mother fucker that gets a little too crazy over the dumbest shit but gets the job done.
im done you whores theres no more for me to say
why u looking up this word u must be obsessed.
by ur moms hairy nipple April 11, 2005
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the white liquid substance that you drink with your milk and cookies late at night. Milk its that good shit!!! quenching as a motherbitcher on a hot sunday morning.

ssssssuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkk iiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when you eating thos chocolate chip cookies and you are reall thirst and your thinh you could use some milk, you dont see any milk in the fridge. but what you do see is ur girls hard nipple just poking out, you get lured into them like a fat kid to cake, then at the last moment you pounce on those dirty hard nipples like a fucken tiger and you get some of the nipple juice.

now thats what im talking about negro!!! bark bark!!!!
by ur moms hairy nipple February 19, 2005
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