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Pretty much the best city I've ever been to. Home to the best of everything such as restaurants, bars, crabs, and ice cream. If you're not 21 just go to Storm Brothers Ice Cream Factory and don't be in such a hurry to need a DD. Also, there is a lot of sight-seeing with the historic buildings and stuff (and also Mids are nice to look at). If you're a real local parking is a breeze because you didn't forget how to parallel park the minute you passed your driving test. Or just park in the garage, it's like the cheapest public parking ever. I mean, $1 an hour and the first one's free!
Girl #1: Hey do you want to go to Annapolis after work?

Girl #2: Yeah let's get ice cream and look at the Mids.
by unimportant May 30, 2005
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