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It's a slang-y version of "What are you doing?", a question that expresses our interest in other person's recent or present actions.
- Hey Beepson, whatcha doin'?
- I'm just fiddlin' around. Nothin' special.
by unfa September 13, 2013

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To sit down and relax.
I were sitting alone in a restaurant and I saw someone else sitting alone, so I said to that person: "Pull up a stool!" and patted the empty chair next to me, meaning come and sit down next to me.
by unfa April 08, 2014

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If you haven't guessed:
It's just the word shit typed with so called leetspeak which makes it look unfamiliar.

5 --> s
h --> h
1 --> i
+ --> t

5h1+ --> shit

Used when you don't want to use offensive language, but need to name something "precisely".

Great for naming folders or drawers with random content inside.
- Hey, check out this: (some link)

- Hey, check out my new track! (some link)
- That's some serious 5h1+, man!

- Some time ago I had a problem with my desktop getting full of stuff. Now I just made a little "5h1+" folder and threw everything in there, my desktop is clean and my stuff is safe!
by unfa December 25, 2011

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