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1. pp. of miller.
2. reduced to getting no work done.
3. fragged; fatal error.
4. not functioning properly.
5. changing level of productivity abruptly: The computer was fine then I got millered
6. fragmentary or incomplete: a millered workstation
7. infringed or violated: A millered promise is a betrayal of trust.
8. interrupted, disrupted, or disconnected: After the fatal error he returned to his millered computer.
9. reduced to submission: The drafter was millered due to repeated fatal errors.
10. absolute loss of hope; despair: The project manager was well and truly millered.
11. spoken in a confused or fragmentary manner, as to feign knowledge: He uttered a few millered words then told him to reboot.
12. get kicked in the groin; He got millered so hard he almost puked.
Use in a sentence:
"I got millered!"
"You got millered!"
"It's miller time!"
by uifmjeh4546 October 24, 2009

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