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A suburb in Western Sydney where you will find Lads, Bogans and many ethnic people. It's best advised that you do not visit during the evening and night as the lads and eshays will fight anyone in sight. Fights between teenage boys always happen in the skate bowl. The bogans frequent the local McDonalds and do stupid shit which is why there is now security guards. The area is constantly patrolled by the coppers but crime is still rampant.
Person 1: Oh did you hear about the daughter who beheaded her mother in St Clair the other day?
Person 2: Yeah, best be steering clear of that shit hole!
by typical_lad November 22, 2019

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Skinnified is what happens when you are being super skinny and gaining fame and attention, an easy way to become skinnified is to be noticed by shook, expoxsed or Sebastian Williams.
Cardi: Wow Life with MaK is so popular nowdays, she must have been skinnified by @expoxsed
Nicki: Yeah she has been, you look like you need to be skinnified too
Cardi: I-
Everyone: *Unfollows Cardi, follows Life with MaK*
by typical_lad September 22, 2018

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