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Unlike the other lying definitions, Shawnee Mission West (spoken from a TRUE West kid) is full of druggies, idiots, niggaz (not the cool ones, unless they did sports, then they were cool) and ugly fatasses. The administrators were a complete joke and the "rentacops" were all straight homosexual, and no that wasn't gay bashing, it's honesty. Also, we don't have a great sports record either, we pretty much have the least state championships of any school in the Shawnee Mission school district.
"oh hey, it's a Shawnee Mission West kid." "Yeah, who would wanna be him?"

"So who are we up against?" "Shawnee Mission West" "We win. Not even worth watching"
by Grizzly the Frizzly September 15, 2011
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Shawnee Mission West the strongest of all Shawnee mission schools has beautiful girls and awesome dudes and a beast mascot. It also is one of the best at sports out of all the other Shawnee mission schools. Their are no gross cliques at west like there are at North West and we aren't fake alcoholics like the East weirdo's, we also aren't low class druggies like the North kids who think that it's really special their school is rundown and old. And claiming to be most similar to Shawnee mission south we will still beat you in all sports and and have better colors. So in the end why wouldn't you envy everyone who goes to West? After all West is best!
Oh, he must go to Shawnee Mission West.
by Vikingsaredashiz July 15, 2011
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Shawnee Mission West is by far the coolest of the Shawnee Mission Schools. Their biggest rival of these schools is Shawnee Mission East, but West wins every time. Because they're awesome. The mascot is a Viking (who was an actual person) as opposed to a Lancer (WTF is that anyways?) and overall the SMW kids are just cooler.
Girl: Did you hear about the Shawnee Mission West VS. Shawnee Mission East game?
Boy: Oh yeah, Shawnee Mission West was dom. They always are.
by A_Viking April 26, 2011
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Shawnee Mission West home of the Vikings is a very shitty school. Not education wise but the people that go there smh. First you have the preps as I like to call them, these kids are the bitchy stupid white kids that have their mommy and daddies money to get pretty much whatever they want. Then you have the lowlifes who don't give a shit about high school and basically just go to school but to none of their classes. There is also the pot heads, you see I don't judge these people although there are two types. Ones who are deep down and have crappy lives, they just pretty much smoke their pain away. Then there are the ones who smoke for clout and just to be high. At West clout is a very needed thing it's like giving the homeless food. People there crave that shit. Ah how can I forget the fucking weirdos, the ones who blast music in the hallways ( possibly my chemical romance lhh) and pretty much scream everytime they talk to their friends. At lunch I still can't get over how fucking loud they were last year, basically sounding like spongebob everytime they laughed. Anyways west is filled with fakes only. You will only have maybe 1-3 real friends max there. West is shitty with the rude ass old staff and the half bald walking stick as the principle. All I gotta say is if you excited to go to west don't be it ain't shit.
Hey you going to Shawnee Mission West next year? Fuck that I'm going to northwest.

Yo,lemme hit your juul bro.

I take rips in the back of my metals class lol.

Guess who can't use the bathroom anymore at lunch, meee.
by IaMcAnCeR♋ March 06, 2019
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