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A member of soceity exhibiting low class, redneck tendencies but has come into a large sum of money, whether it's through a self-made construction business, winning the lottery, or through a large inheritance.

Said individuals may live in $30,000 houses but own $300,000 fishing vessels, or the luxury vehicle of choice includes a Tahoe or Yukon, preferably the XL version. Wifes of said individuals drive these with their stick families in the window, as well as numerous oversized magnets supporting their favorite SEC football team. Alabama Crimson Tide fans are notorious for this.

Attire for such individuals includes Costa del Mar sunglasses on a string, Columbia PFG fishing shirts, visors instead of hats, and Sperrys or flip flops. Miller Lite is usually the beer of choice.

Activities of indivuduals include "huntin', shootin', fishin', golfin', and SEC football ranks at the top of life's priorities
You see Ted's new 30' Contender? Yeah, he picked that up along with a Yukon XL Denali for his wife. They've already got the "big A" on the back window and a Wildlife license plate....must be a rich redneck. What's he do? Oh he won a lawsuit for a large sum of money. Guess he won't be saving for retirement. He blew it all on what you see there. He used to live in Shady Oaks trailer park. Just proof you can't give rednecks money.
by tuneman988 October 06, 2011
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