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A group of tumblr users who have 1,000+ followers and stop following back.

However, "tumblr famous" is used lightly because someone with 1,000 followers or more may not be significant at all.

To truly be tumblr famous you should have around a 5 digit follower number.

Most people achieve this goal by posting tons of selfies, being extremely rude or sarcastic, or constantly promoting themselves.

They make irrelevant posts that get thousands of notes.

Many are stuck up and complain about not having enough followers, and pretend to not be tumblr famous.

There are a few tumblr famous people who are nice, reply to messages, and might follow back (ex. alerting, ti-ed, p0sies, yikes, etc..)
me: shes so tumblr famous ugh
friend: get over it its just the internet
by tumblrrr November 10, 2012

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