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When one snorts a line of coke off someone's ass while he or she takes a massive dump.
Dave: "So did you end up getting that coke last night?"
Paul: "Yeah and I am going try to give Susan the Colombian."
by ts eliott November 02, 2014

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1. Term used to describe the aftermath of a sexually active girl's vagina. Usually reserved for girls known to be filthy scrags, hooknose skanks, etc where the application of the term "hatchwound" preceded by the word "gaping" is the most accurate description.

2. (Origin) The term hatchet wound was first documented in early colonial America. Settlers moving West often found themselves victims of raids by the Savages aka the Iriquois, Nez Pierce, Alqonquin, etc. The Indians would capture the Settler's wives and daughters then proceed to "tribe - rape" (later to perfected by black people as "gang rape") the women. The women were then allowed to return to their settlements where the aftermath of their sexual punishment resulted in what the Frontier Men described as "gaping hatchet wounds."
-- "Dude i kinda want to hook up with that one sophmore in Kappa Kappa Gamma. You know the one with the platinum blonde hair?"

-- "Yeah shes hot, but i heard she has a gaping hatchet wound."

-- "Well I better put on my war paint."
by TS eliott August 05, 2008

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