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1)A person who subscribes to AOL service
2)A computer user who is usually computer illiterate and uses way to much internet shothand to be understood by a normal human being with a IQ
3)A Subscriber to AOL service who falls into the 95% of them are dumb enough to think that AOL *IS* the Internet . This condition can be fixed by taking AOL and blocking their access to the 'real' internet then give them their own little sandbox to play in and they'll be happy.
4)A general slang term for very dumb computer user. Who proably shouldn't be using a computer in the first place.
5)A lamer
6)A script kiddie
What a bunch of brain dead AOLers!
That person is such the AOLer.
Its just another AOLer on the internet.
by try_a_different_name September 23, 2005

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