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the pot smoking asian you all know :) she is a very cool person that likes sex and white guys . although she may be asian (as hinted in her name "thereASIA") she will always be the most mexican kid you know . most Thereasia's dwell and or come from the land of Indonesia (In da asia, haha get it), yet they come with phrases like "I need some aqua" or "water you doing?" or "¡Dios mío" (aka oh my god in spanish) , or "los immagrents está aquí" (aka the immigrants are here) . but no matter what you know you will always love this chick, though it is mostly loved by a Ben and a Mary. And has a fetish for Channing Tatum. AND SHE LIKES TO SAY POOP RANDOMLY ;)
an example of Thereasia ? bitch there is no example ..
by trippinunicorn2 July 16, 2012

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