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A person or persons genetically similar to a Pikey.

Usually found roaming aimlessly around the housing estates of England, travelling with the fair or living in ridiculously expensive caravans on other people's land.

They make their living by pestering the tax paying community and generally disturbing the peace.

Generally robbing bastards and will certainly leave your driveway unfinished.

Some 'Gypos' are more closely related to normal people and have escaped their former lives. We call this a 'Bez' After the one and only Gypo that has completley transformed, learnt to spell and got a job.
Look at that robbing Gypo

quick stop that Gypo from pitching up on my land

officer a gypo just stole my trailer
by tricksferret July 21, 2014

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good ale or billy bad cider. A top geezer, proper sound northern monkey. Sexy as fuck.
Billy Goodayle
by tricksferret May 29, 2011

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