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A person who identifies as neither male nor female. These people usually go by they/them pronouns, but some will choose neopronouns.
Person 1: Who's he?
Person 2: Oh, that's Jay. They're nonbinary, so they don't go by he/him pronouns, they go by they/them pronouns
Person 1: Ok well they're cute
Person 2: Yes I have eyes I can see that
by transapple March 02, 2015

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A transtrender is a person (usually between the ages of 9 and 18) who calls themselves a transgender person because they think it makes them cool or special. Transtrenders never experience disphoria transphobia or opression, and often identify as "otherkin." They also usually use ridiculous, impracticle neopronouns or nounself pronouns, and often the gender they identify with isn't even a valid gender (e.g. "stargender", "ferngender"). Transtrenders are basically gender-onforming cisgender people pretending to be transgender and using different pronouns because they think it makes them special, and want to be able to say that they are oppressed by being in the transgender community because they think it makes them look cool. Transtrenders are incredibly disrespectful to real transgender people, making a mockery of what transgender people experience, invalidating the problems and hurt that real transgender people face, and turning these people's identity into a fashion trend.
Real trans person: I have worked very hard to get the people around me to use my preferred name and pronouns (e.g. she/her or they/them). I experience crippling dysphoria every day as well as being constantly discriminated against and mocked by my peers.

Transtrender: Yeah! Like on tumblr this one time someone called me "they" instead of fairself!!!! Us stargender faerkin so oppressed!!! Like this post if you agree with me!! If you don't you're transphobic trash!!!
by transapple March 02, 2015

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Discrimination against transgender people. This includes using derogatory slurs against transgender people, invalidating nonbinary people, intentionally misgendering someone (not using their preferred pronouns) or intentionally using their birth name if they have another preferred name. NOT the fear of transgender people.
Cisgender person: Uh yeah so I don't have anything against tr@nnnies or anything but like you have a d!ck, so you're a boy, so I'm gonna call you he
Transgender person: Uhhh that's kind of transphobic
Cisgender person: Uh no?? I said I wasn't transphobic. I know what transphobia is, it's the fear of trans people, and I'm not afraid of trans people, so??? Wow. Really rude. Like no wonder no one likes tr@nnies. You're really cisphobic
by transapple March 02, 2015

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