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Uruguay is a country fo South America between Argentina and Brasil. Nearly the entire Uruguayan population is of European origin, mainly from Spanish and Italian descent. Therefore the overwhelming majority of Uruguayans are light skinned with light hair and blue eyes. Uruguayans are also very warm, kind, friendly, and extremely hospitable. Uruguayan culture has been heavily influenced by the Western Europeans that immigrated here. It is also very similar to that of Argentina. Both countries share: the tango, milonga, gaucho, mate, bandoneon, the same dialect, and the same food.
Montevideo is the capital and largest city in Uruguay. Its wide avenues and boulevards, open parks, old European styled buildings, beautiful beaches, great museums and theatres, sophisticated restaurants and clubs, and its warm, friendly people attract many tourists to this city.
Uruguay is probably most famous for its meat, soccer, and most of all its beaches. Known to have some of the best beaches in the world the Uruguayan Riviera, stretching from Montevideo to Rocha, houses notable beach resorts such as Cuchilla Alta, Solimar, and Piriapolis. The most famous and internationally known of these resorts is Punta del Este.
Known as Punta, this peninsula lays on the Rio de la Plata on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Therefore you can watch both the sun rise and set in Punta. Its white, sandy beaches; exclusive yacht and golf clubs; its sophisticated restaurants and shops; the decorated houses, mansions, and summer homes; the luxurious apartment buildings and 5 star hotels; and its vibrant nightlife all help to attract the hundreds of thousands of people that come here each year. Punta is grandest and most exclusive beach resort in all of South America and is considered one of the best in the world. For these reasons and more Punta is known as "the Pearl of the Atlantic".
"People go to Uruguay to see and be seen."
by tolo May 27, 2006
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