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Past tense of the regular verb "to hunge" (rhymes with "sponge"). To "hunge" is to steal, cut in line, or in some other way obtain something that is not rightfully yours. No righteous dood ever hunges stuff from his buddies.

Believed to be first used by Robert "Cash" Smith during the mid 1980's in Evanston, IL.
Who hunged my last beer? Fuckin' hungers!

I was trippin' so hard that I forgot to lock the car and somebody hunged all my CDs.

We had shitty tickets for the show, so we hunged up to the front row.

Allison, don't be such a hunger, I bought this keg. You could at least give me a hummer to even it up.

by tioMoco November 21, 2006
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K.W. is an acronym for "Knigger Wrigged". Both the K and W are silent, as in "knife" or "write". Generally used in a situation where actually saying "nigger rigged" would be grounds for involuntary grievous physical injury to oneself, i.e. you'd get your ass kicked.
I knocked over my bong and the slider broke, so I had to K.W. the damn thing. Pretty slick, eh?
by tioMoco November 21, 2006
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