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Pabst Blue Ribbon, drink of choice when chilling in hipster infested Silver lake, California or sometimes used before banging questionably attractive women.
Guy 1: Dude remember that cool 2 I was talking to at the club last week?

Guy 2: yea, did you ever hook up with her?

Guy 1: you know it, but I had to get completely shit faced off the PBR to do it.
by timeisfiction August 30, 2010
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Cal State School in the middle of nowhere filled with a bunch of pretentious losers that didn't get into UC Berkeley. Is also the Alma Mater of Scott Peterson; convicted murderer currently on death row for Killing his pregnant wife.
Douche 1: Dam man I didn't get into Berkeley

Guy 1: Sucks, so where are you going to study ancient medieval literature now?

Duche 1: Guess I'll go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Guy 1: yes! I got into Cal Poly SLO!

Guy 2: Didn't that crazy asshole Scott Peterson go there??

Guy 1: Oh yea huh? Guess I better just go to Cal State LA or San Diego State.
by timeisfiction August 31, 2010
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