2 definitions by timeisfiction

Cal State School in the middle of nowhere filled with a bunch of pretentious losers that didn't get into UC Berkeley. Is also the Alma Mater of Scott Peterson; convicted murderer currently on death row for Killing his pregnant wife.
Douche 1: Dam man I didn't get into Berkeley

Guy 1: Sucks, so where are you going to study ancient medieval literature now?

Duche 1: Guess I'll go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Guy 1: yes! I got into Cal Poly SLO!

Guy 2: Didn't that crazy asshole Scott Peterson go there??

Guy 1: Oh yea huh? Guess I better just go to Cal State LA or San Diego State.
by timeisfiction August 31, 2010
Pabst Blue Ribbon, drink of choice when chilling in hipster infested Silver lake, California or sometimes used before banging questionably attractive women.
Guy 1: Dude remember that cool 2 I was talking to at the club last week?

Guy 2: yea, did you ever hook up with her?

Guy 1: you know it, but I had to get completely shit faced off the PBR to do it.
by timeisfiction August 31, 2010