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Fords number 1 performance car that has a huge variety of upgrades making it a fun and simple car to make extremely fast. A properly upgraded gt could smoke a chevy corvette.
When im done my ford mustang it will be sick, it will have shorty headers, off road mid pipes, paxton supercharger, 70mm throttle body, edelbrock intake, 3:73:1 gears and much more to list.
by tim harrold March 03, 2006
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Chevy chevelles were made from 1964-1973 but the most famed years were 69 and 70. They were a sub-model of the malibu but much better. A 1970 chevelle ss with a 396 or 454cu in engine is an extremely fast car.
Chevelles are so expensive i bought mine for 40k!
by tim harrold March 03, 2006
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A horrible place filled with illegal immigrants and dirty minorities that are doing the United states no good.
Bakersfield is full of wetbacks and dead-beats
by tim harrold March 02, 2006
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