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Chris has the nicest and most flirtatious personality. Sometimes, though, there will be a two-faced Chris. That kind you want to look out for- very funny, probably trying to make up for something(like ugly looks, bad grades, family problems, etc). They will be one person while talking to him on the phone then he is in person. He might be sensitive at one moment, then a total douche. He might even be perverted, so watch out all girls!
Most of the time though, you have nothing to worry about. He can be the nicest, funniest, coolest guys you ever meet. He could be sexy but yet still a gentleman. Hope you find the right type of Chris!
chick 1: Hey girl, I just met Chris last night!
chick 2: Nice! Wait, what kind of Chris?
chick 1: I don't know yet, I hope he's a cool dude.
chick 2: I would watch out if I were you...
chick 1: Yeah, I'm sure he's not that bad of a guy

chick 1: Hey! I just met Chris last night!
chick 2: Nice! The good kind or the bad kind?
chick 1: The nice kind of course! he was freaking hot!
by tiedye12345 April 01, 2012
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