10 definitions by thomas johnson

Tom taylor has a couple of "parents" one a whore and one impotent lol might aswell get some real parents!!
bob and v bought taylor for 50p
by Thomas Johnson June 06, 2003
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This is my favourite saying.. i mean you gota admit that it is. it is best used to describe my realtionship with tingz, although it also implys wot me and jackie do at the weekend in each others sweaty toes! wet wet wet
"will.....................tingz? u wanna ,,,,,,,,,,, indulge?"
by Thomas Johnson June 09, 2003
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oh the screwdriver, my trusty screwdriver. boy this has come in handy on a few occasions....lolol! just a few.. i think not! yeah man, you can use this bitch for all types of things: ramming up bob and rikkys hair arses, protection, even doing D.I.Y around the house
a screw driver a day keeps the people who hate me and wana kick my phat arse away
by Thomas Johnson June 07, 2003
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