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Stands for "My Insecure Girlfriend". Refers to a female friend (or more uncommonly, girlfriend) who overcompensates for her insecurities by acting out in various ways, such as being needy, desperate, over-compliant, eager to please, self-deprecating or loud, defensive, controlling, snarky, arrogant, dramatic. Usually lacks self respect and answers to booty calls readily. Requires constant validation, whether online or in person. Often sticks to other more attractive female counterparts at bars or clubs, in order to leverage on their physical appeal and charm to attract potential males for hookups. Also referred to as "Miggy".
"MIG is always such a doormat when it comes to guys. She lets them walk all over her and wonders why she's never treated right!"
"I wish Miggy would stop using me to get to know boys!"
"My girlfriend is always so desperate for male attention. She's so Miggy."
by thisishowiroll99 October 19, 2015

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