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Scene kids:
Kids who like to make a scene with the way they dress. Originally, this is what that meant. You were scene as long as your style was totally different.
However, this has changed only to include only these types of people:
-Long, choppy, colorful hair. (girl or boy)
-Hair accessories such as bandanas, bows, big hairclips are common. (girl and boy)
-Sparkles on the eye makeup (girl or boy depending on how gay the guy is)
-Lots and lots of black eyeliner (boy and girl)

Now, some idiots of the world will call the modern scene kids things like; Goth, emo, punk. This is NOT TRUE! Scene kids are all about the fashion and the music.

So your basic definition of a scene kid is, "Kids who like the make a scene in the world with their clothing and their music."
Guy: Look at that emo kid with his stupid gay bitched out hair.

Girl: You are such a moron, that guy is a scene kid. Totally different, go talk to him and he will most likely act like a perfectly normal person. Well maybe a little cooler and less preppy than a normal person, but still normalish.
by this_calls_for_sarcasm June 05, 2010
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