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A person who believes in the absence of any supreme being or anything regarding the supernatural...There are 2 kinds

Good Atheist: A person who has read and studied thoroughly the concepts of science and religion. He/She has come to the conclusion that there is no supreme being and therefore does not believe in any god or gods. In spite of this however they are open to the concept and enjoy having mature, intellectual debates on the issue without being critical or condescending.

Bad Athiest: A self-involved, egotistical jackass who does not believe in a supreme being not because what they have read or studied but usually because they hate religion or religious people. They usually go out of there way to make religious people feel bad and accuse them of being close-minded while they, themselves, will not listen to any other arguments but there own. They are impossible to try to reason with because they are usually self-centered, condescending,unscientific, and downright immature. Their arguments are usually full of anti-religious cliches and therefore easy to break apart.
Religious Person: I believe in God
Good Atheist: Really? that's interesting. I don't personally but I'd love to sit down with you and discuss the issue sometime

Religious Person: I belive in God
Bad Atheist: WHAT!!!?!? You belive in God?....hahahahaha I don't believe in God I have absolute faith in science because it's completley accurate and irrefutable
by thetruthwillsetyoufree June 11, 2008
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