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This gentle creature is very similar to the Saharan camel in a couple of ways. One, it spits large brown wads on occasion and two in that it has a hump, but rather than on its back it is found on the front. Scientists speculate what this hump is for and hypothesized a number of theories:

1) the Roon Fag. has been seen floating down rivers in the eastern plains of the US and therefore the hump is the result of 20-21years of evolution and is indeed a floating mechanism

2) it is used in odd mating rituals with members of the opposite OR same sex as it has been recorded to pop it out or rub it in social settings

3) resulted from a straight diet of Coors original and/or Bud diesel

this animal excels highly in activities that are normally played by the elderly. Could be a result of reaching its peak from 14yrs - 15yrs. (a much more rapid decay then most humans). This animal is fatally attracted to the taylos lauress and only mates once throughout its lifespan. The rest of its life it keeps a mate but of a different species known as the lastis clarkis merely for odd pleasure rather than reproduction.

If seen in the wild, feel free to approach. Creature is docile and extremely averted to exerting energy and is rarely aggressive.
The Faggot Roon has escaped from his cage.
by thethread April 22, 2009
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