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The Internet's most elite congregation of ballers, rockstars, smart shoppers, the literary elite, music theorists, critical film analysts, Wall Street warlords, mechanical gurus, bulk beef experts, beer aficionados, armchair warriors, world policy architects, international playboys, theoretical physicists, mathematical prodigies and retired Formula 1 drivers.

Fact: ATOT accounts for ~13.56% of the US's GDP.

We also consume large quantities of Ramen, like shitty bands, create epic scenes at Wal-mart to weasel out 19 cents, think books are for lame n00bs, have a hard-on for Rick Astley, worship JAlba & Michael Bay, can't figure out EBay and PayPaypal, are borderline psychotic about buying American/Asian cars, use the 'in relation to electromechanical devices' scale for measuring meat products, live for WoW raids, have skinless & bloody shafts from excessive fapping, can't figure out if the plane takes off and (re)post shitty joke threads.
ATOT has got more hot wimmenz than you have spermz.
by theprodigalrebel January 11, 2008

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The false denial of desire for something sought but not acquired; to denigrate and feign disdain for the vagina which one could not attain.

Source: A tiger named Pepsei
Read my lips you infected pus-dribbling sour vagina: you are just jealous RossMAN's getting all that young, hot & dumb poon with minimal effort. His sexual prowess makes you feel like an inadequate and sad masturbating bear.
by theprodigalrebel October 11, 2007

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