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An insult that, along with "Pussy Ass Bitch", seems to be the only thing high school age white males can say to each other whilst attempting to incite the other to "hit them first" before a fight breaks out. This is because seldom do either of the two involved really want to get in trouble, and in their minds, if they are the one who is hit first, they are allowed to fight back to whatever extent they deem necessary.
Vince: You just a pussy ass bitch, Roy!

Roy(Getting all up in Vince's face): Yeah? What you gonna do about it? Pussy ass mother fucker.

Vince(looking directly at Roy, indicating that Roy should hit him in the chin.) Right here, Pussy ass mother fucker. Just fuckin' do it, you Pussy ass mother fucker.

Roy(Doing the exact same thing, except now pushing his right shoulder against Vince's left, causing them both to walk in a tight circle.):Pussy ass mother fucker.

Vince:Pussy ass mother fucker.

Roy:Pussy ass mother fucker.

Vince:Pussy ass bitch!

Then a teacher notices this and walks over, concerned. The two males then break up, mumbling threats and other things under their breath.
by ThePenMaster April 18, 2008

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The current justification girls have for doing anal.
Stacy's twitter: I'm going out tonight #yolo

translation: I'm looking to looking for a one way ticket to anal poundtown.
by thepenmaster May 01, 2012

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