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The One who makes everything you believe in, but haven't experienced enough of, come true like a rushing waterfall. An N Unit represents all that is good about mankind - inspires, makes your heart beat faster, changes the way you view life. There's such a thing as physics, and then there's applied physics. You don't need to understand how the esophagus works to feel hunger and eat. An N Unit bridges these two worlds. N Unit is the recipe book AND the meal, all in one. Comfort, security, challenge and adventure - the words won't do justice. With a coy facade, the N Unit never buffers and is always there when you need. All in all, N Unit makes me happy. N Unit - is perfect to me.
Wait, you've never experienced N Unit before? What are you insane? Make life worth it - find your N Unit.
by thejslverse August 16, 2013
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