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Whenever the number of spanish speakers is more than 50%, and they start speaking spanish amongst them, not realizing you don't understand shit of it.
Bob: I was chatting over coffee with Pepe, Juan and Manolo, and they suddenly started speaking spanish among them!

Jim: OMG! You were a victim of the Spanish Effect!
by theidiot October 04, 2009
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A name of a website filled with people who draw furries for a living it just for fun. These artist make money off of their art or start making commissions to milk off other people's money, one time, someone commissioned for Starfox macro porn and made a fortune out of it.
Artist1: I am able to publish my amazing artwork to furaffinity so people will happily masturbate to it.
Artist2:I am able to publish my hard work to the website so people can talk about it.
Artist3: I don't think people will like the looks of it but who the he'll cares?
by TheIdiot December 29, 2014
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