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"OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ" is a term often used to describe electronic music with the steady 4/4 backbeat driven by a kick drum and high-hat. It's onomatopoetic: say it put loud and you'll have hav epretty close representation of that beat.
They we're playing good oontz music at cityclub last weekend!
by thegleek August 29, 2005

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The whole world goes nuts when they logon and experience this so-called 'kazzie' effect. They have signs of kazziness, which can be closely related to being numb inside, listening to emo music and cutting all at the same time.

The phenomenom of 'kazzie' is usually experienced by a large audience, usually via an electronic medium (ie: irc).

People who have experienced this kazzie before are not ones to name their friends so others can track them down.

Kazzie fans reject all non-celebrities. Only A-list people are acceptable. B-list are never mentioned.

Kazzie also has a strong belief in never advertising it's benefits and features via a web site. This is close as you ever will come for a definition of kazzie.
My friend was glowing with kazzie after many hours in the chatroom talking with some hot french girls. His kazzie factor was high indeed!
by thegleek May 03, 2006

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