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1. When a person, an extranerd, in a social context go on about a certain thing, unable to talk about something else.

2. Repetitive conversational behaviour, always wanting to talk about a specific aspect or topic, unable to let it go until a sense of satisfaction has been attained.
An extranerd (let's call him John) is hanging out with some male friends at a bar.

As the conversation goes over how to approach a girl someone mentions that women nowadays are super-independent and that this is to be respected. John starts extranerding and can't let go of the issue. All night he discusses how this came to be with the women he talks to. He goes over statistic facts, political agendas, the socio-economic status of different stratas of female groups in the western world relating to historical events in modern and industrial time. This unevitably creates a difficulty for the women to interact with John, as he while continuing his social interaction is still actively processing this issue.
by thecreateresponse December 14, 2012
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1. The process of being caught up in your own reflections up to a point that you are distracted but the details of a word or the meaning of a concept, unable to communicate about it.

2.Thinking or "nerding" about it to an extent that you are removing yourself from interacting in the social context you are in.
An intranerd (let's call him Henry) and his crew of 4 guy friends are at the pub.

While talking about how to approach a girl, one of the guys mentions that women nowadays are super-independent and that it's to be respected.

Henry starts intranerding by getting stuck on this in his head; thinking about the development of independency relating to post-modern culture, ancient philosophy and the needs of humans according to Maslow's hierarchy. The issue becomes so complex to him he's unable to talk to any females all night and will, if approached in any way by a woman freeze with fear of simplifying his response to disrespecting the woman. Poor Henry.
by thecreateresponse December 14, 2012
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