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The Prophet Mohammad's mother's name. Generally thought to come from the Arabic word 'amina' which means, "safety".

1. the most intelligent person you know
2. cute and fun-loving
3. will most likely pursue a career in art
4. likes being around friends and family
by thecoolestpersoniknow February 06, 2010
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When there is nothing good to eat in the fridge and you find yourself staring inside the fridge hoping something, anything will look good enough to eat.

This includes flipping back and forth between the refrigerator and the freezer
Husband: Honey I'm home
Wife: .......
Husband: oh no not again *runs to kitchen*
Wife: *head inside fridge* Nothing....to...eat!
Husband: its ok your just in a refrigerator coma, good thing i brought home pizza
by thecoolestpersoniknow July 02, 2010
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