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There are many types of azn parents, some are better than others
few of em have no idea how to govern their children. Asian mom's are commonly housewives. They are strict on different levels. Likely to limit electronics. Usually has other korean mom's who they socialize with & get advice and also compare their children semi-competitively to competitively with other children. Azn dad's are usually intelligent but nevertheless strict. Often work long work hours.
they don't want their children(when they become adults) in sub-par locations. Their strictness is in most cases, derived from wanting you to become successful. Doctors are a common choice for parent recommendations for occupations which is statistically a good option
Strict n kind ones are probably the best. They get ticked if you get bad grades and yell but cool off soon. They give punishments (typically a ban from games or other electronic device) to teach you a lesson but it works! at least if they aren't super overly aggressive. More often than not, they use more "disciplinary action" at young ages to build things into children as they grow. Some mom's in this category want their children to be stylish and reflect it.
The abusive ones mindlessly (or maybe not, thinking it'll do SOME good) physically beat their children, hoping they will rule under fear but more often than not, it just makes the child depressed and want to escape their life at home.
Asian Parents are the best! ....when they don't beat you.
by theaznkid August 04, 2011

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